Google Bard vs Chat GPT-3: How Are They Different? (2023), Which is the better AI chatbot?

Google Bard vs Chat GPT-3 are the latest AI tool which is create to enhance content writing, and other kinds of problems. Chat GPT-3 release date 20 November 2022 And Google Bard recently released 21 March 2023. At this time mostly of the tools only Google Bard AI and Chat Gpt-3 use for the content creation and these are the best at this time.

In this article we will completely discuss Google Bard and Chat GPT-3. We will describe both amazing features with complete comparison.

What is Google Bard AI?

Bard Ai is the latest AI creation present by Google this year. Google Bard is create for different kinds of works specially for the relevent content creation to enhance the content value and make the content which is easy to read and know. Google Bard have large amount of data to make the content human like with fully unique and zero percent plagiarism.

Google Bard Features

  • Google Bard easily write the content on the any kind of topic such as biography etc.
  • Google Bard generete the text relevant to the topic and provide the different strategy.
  • Google Bard can write the content in many language all most all language.
  • Bard can generate the email proposal template.
  • Bard can write a different kind of poetry.
  • Bard can make the website when we give the command it is still developing to enhance the features.

What Is Chat GPT-3

Generative Pre-train Transformer 3 (Chat GPT-3) is the recently update language model create by openAI company. It has a large amount of storage information to access and create well defined content like human writing with a large amount of ideas created.

Chat GPT-3 can provide the answer to any kind of question but sometimes when we enter the question we will get some out of question result, Because chat gives the result which is already store in it that’s why. But any way most of things we can enhance by using Chat GPT-3 like content writing, poetry writing and other work which is related to writing and marketing.

Chat GPT-3 Features

  • Chat GPT-3 writes the content on many topics and can provide the relevance on the topic.
  • Chat GPT-3 can also write content on different kinds of language models.
  • Chat GPT-3 can minimize the content into short form which will become better and high quality. I can also change my English to Chinese or Spanish.
  • Chat GPT-3 can translate the content into easy form of words.
  • Chat GPT-3 can also provide recipe tips to make it more tasty.

Google Bard Area Limit

Google Bard is still in development right now and at this time it is available only in the United states and United Kingdom.

Chat GPT Area Limit

Chat GPT-3 is available in all around the world like Asian countries and Chat GPT-3 is a well update and different version.

Which Is Best For The User: Google Bard AI vs GPT-3

Content Writing Accuracy: As we know that Bard and Gpt-3 both are design for the content creation to make the relevant content.

Language: Google Bard can easily generate content in command of any language. But on the other side Chat GPT-3 can generate text on English command.

Relevancy of the Content: Google bard makes the content better relevant than GPT-3 because GPT-3 makes the content on the stored data but bard has the latest data.

Ease To Use: According to research bard can easily be use for content generation and if we want to use GPT-3 we need to create some great ideas.

Are Google and GPT-3 Free to Use

Google Bard and GPT-3 basic versions are free to use for the public GPT-3 available for just 20$ charge.


Google Bard AI vs GPT-3 we briefly highlight the major comparison between Google Bard and Chat GPT as also known mostly for the content writing. Google Bard has the latest data according to the latest update but Chat GPT has old data which is already store in it. Chat GPT-3 is available all but Google Bard currently not available except USA & UK. We will suggest to our viewer to use Google Bard at that time.

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