Google introduces Chat-GPT rival Bard

Chat-GPT rival Bard Welcome to the future of conversation, Brace yourself for the dawn of a groundbreaking era as Google unveils its latest innovation Microsoft introduces Chat GPT in the end of 2022 November. In a few days Chat GPT will come as a rocket and get a million traffic on it.

So a large number of users go to chat GPT and use it in different types of work. Then in contrast to Chat GPT Google launched Bard which is almost like Chat GPT but it is still in development and in future people think it will become best for everyone. BAIDU also working on these type tools. Which is related to Chinese search engine company.

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What About BARD AI

Bard is the recent creation of Google and this is a big project of the Google team. Google Bard work almost like Chat GPT its features also same to the chat GPT but it is still in developing and in the passage of time Bard will more advance.

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What is the controversy Of BARD?

Bard was create on the basis of LaMDA in 2023. LaMDA is also know as a language for dialogue application. LaMDA introduced groundbreaking capabilities allowing for voice mimicking and engaging conversations with humans.

Blake Lemoine a Google Engineer recognized the potential issues that could arise from these capabilities and expressed his concerns to Google. Lemoine even went so far as to release documents highlighting the potential problems associated with LaMDA.

Unfortunately this controversy result in Lemoine being place on paid leave and subsequently terminate. Shortly thereafter, Chat GPT emerged utilising similar principles to LaMDA.

Now with the recent release of BARD we witness further advancements in conversational AI leveraging the LaMDA framework.

Chat GPT And Bard Base

Chat-GPT rival Bard Chat GPT and Bard common foundation both chat GPT and Bard developed by google on the common foundation from remarkable made in the era of artificial inteligence. Both models are made on the base of language model for dialogue application LaMDA which have an understanding of the way AI systems engage in conversation with human.


Google Bard and chat GPT both are ai language model which work on the base of LaMDA. Chat GPT is well updated and well known tool Google Bard recently released and still in developing it will come famouse in furture and become profassional ai language model.

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