How to Install Google Bard AI Free As An App on Windows 11

How we can install Google Bard in as app in Window 11 without any charge so you are in right place. Here we will completely discuss about how we can install Google Bard with complete process and easy to do it in a few minutes.

Start a new and more affective profassional Digital journey. Start you e window 11 with the latest Google Bard.

How to Install Google Bard AI As An App on Windows 11 Free(Easy Way)

  • In start we will open the chrome browser, and the click on the bard official website.
  • Bard’s official website will be open after clicking on the website link.
  • Go ahead to the bard home page and click on sign in with the use of google account.
  • Click on three dots with your console a new menu will be open.
  • Easy pick up the tools and make a shortcut option.
  • After clicking on the shortcut which you created recently you can easily open as a window word and click the create button easily and simply.
  • When you click Bard shortcut ready on your desktop. Simply click and open in a new window.
  • Pin this extension and start.
  • Get Started

How to Uninstall Bard from Chrome?

When we want to uninstall Bard from chrome due to any kind of reason then how can we do it? No worry we will guide you completely in a few easy steps.

  • In the address bar we can easily  type “chrome://apps” and press Enter. You will easily reach the chrome app page.
  • From all the app on  page checkout the Bard App.
  • Right-click on the Bard icon. Then open the context menu.
  • From the context menu you can just select “Remove from Chrome.” 
  • Bard will remove from the Chrome.

Google Bard Limitation

Contextual understanding may be limited leading to occasional incorrect or Misuse can result in inappropriate or misleading content.

Biases and inaccuracies can exist due to the model training data from the internet.

It lacks real time updates and knowledge beyond September 2021.

Responses may sound confident but could be speculative or uncertain.

Personalise advice is unavailable caution is needed for important decision.

Final Thought

Google Bard is the most attractive and well define Ai model by Google, the largest search engine. You can use the Google Bard in different kinds of your work and make your work easy and more attractive. You will able to install and and uninstall the Bard from the user chrome.

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